Prevent Epidemics

A website to highlight one of the largest health concerns of our lifetime and to pressure nations to address their risk factors.


Preventing Epidemics is an initiative of Resolve to Save Lives, a program of Vital Strategies – a non-profit out of New York City. Vital Strategies attracts donations from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to take on the world’s biggest health concerns, partnering with governments in advancing their ability to protect their people.

Plumb led development of the Preventing Epidemics website, bringing complicated and hard to find information, together in an accessible and easier to understand way. With an interactive map, citizens and journalists are easily able to assess a nation’s risks to epidemics along with their neighbor’s. The data is updated continuously and stems from one central source, to immediately update country scoring, maps and graphs across the website while also allowing users to export this data for their own use. The social aspects of the site provide up-to-date contact information for appropriate contacts in all countries, along with tailored messaging for multiple social media outlets in order to spread the word.

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